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geology & petrology


This section of the group is lead by Professor Jacinto Alonso Azcárate, who has a wide experience in the fields of soil, sediments and rocks analysis, the recycling of mining  and industrial wastes and in the practice of environmental science and geology reports.  


Research interests include:


  • Recycling of mining and industrial wastes

  • Manufacture of ceramic products

  • Soil and sediments mineralogical characterization

  • Water contaminants determination

  • Phytorremediation decontamination studies

  • Characterization of potential contaminated soils in the context of the R.D. 9/2005


Analytical capabilities include:


  • Elemental analyses by ICP-AES and ICP-MS (soils, sediments, rocks and waters)

  • Grain size distribution performed by laser diffraction

  • Organic and inorganic carbon content

  • pH

  • Electric conductivity

  • Cation Exchange capacity

  • Mineralogical analysis by X-ray diffraction

  • Simple and sequential extraction of heavy metals